Terry McMahon (TMac)

Terry McMahon is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and expert on recovery and re-entry from addiction, in particular, methods to recovery which the main stream press and addiction centers never disclose. McMahon grew up in New England and spent the last 25 years of his life in New Hampshire, one of Americas worst states for addiction.

Terry functioned as CEO of one of the largest insurance agencies in the United States, in May of 2016 he discovered his excessive drinking and fast living had taken a toll on his liver, and within months was told that he would need a liver transplant to survive. Labeled an alcoholic, McMahon was told he had to complete “rehab” in an addiction center for treatment to be listed.

McMahon experienced firsthand the trials and tribulations of being put on a transplant waiting list. He gained an intimate understanding of the politics and sometimes unfair tactics used by the medical community to quite literally grant some people a new life while dooming others to a death sentence. Ultimately, McMahon received a new liver from an inmate who was also an addict and who as many as 50 people passed on receiving the
life-saving “high risk” organ.

McMahon is now the owner of the recovery center that he was earlier forced to attend, and set out on a course to a better solution for people suffering with addiction. He found out that the rate of “recovery” among patients at these centers was tragically low, and that the entire industry operated in a flawed way that actually prevented most patients from achieving total and permanent recovery. McMahon set out to discover the most
effective methods to recovery; methods which are largely ignored by the addiction industry because these methods don’t result in increasing their bottom line.

McMahon is the author of four books: “You’re Not an Addict – Never Have Been, Never Will Be” “Clean and Killing It” & “Write Your Way To Recovery”.

Jonathan Holden

Jonathan Holden is Co-Founder and CEO of Purely Boston. Holden is in charge of setting the overall digital direction and marketing strategy for Free Recovery. He began his journey online in 2010 with a t-shirt brand that he started right out of college that got alot of attention and exposure throughout the college community. In 2014 Holden founded Purely Boston, which has grown the be one of the largest and most engaging online communities for all things Boston. To date, he has sold more than 5 million dollars worth of products online. Holden was born in Boston, Massachusetts and grew up in Southern New Hampshire and raised in loving and well-educated family.

Evan Jarschauer

Evan has been working in the field of both substance abuse and mental health for over 15 years. He completed his clinical internship at the University of Miami School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry and he completed his substance abuse certification training at the Hazelden Center for Addiction Studies.

He has worked with families from all across the country battling the disease of addiction with his own experiential solution-focused approach. While Evan is dedicated to helping each of his clients reach their own individual potential with dignity, clear direction, and attention to detail, he firmly believes that addiction is a family disease and encourages robust communication between all those concerned in the recovery process.

Mally Paquette

Mally has been involved in the fitness industry for over thirty five years. Her career began as a USPTA tennis professional for 20 years and then she began running marathons. YOGA remained her constant passion and became her focus after years of learning the subtleties of the body speaking to you.

Certified in Ashtanga, Hatha, Kundalini and also as a Yoga Therapist, Mally has pursued connecting with individuals to inspire and guide them to health and wellness through a balanced lifestyle of breath, movement and inner sanctum for a deep soulful path.
mally-smudge-2016Mally’s entire life has been deeply entrenched with indigenous cultures. Her spiritual roots are imbedded with Native Americans. She founded a nonprofit organization, NAAP in the 90’s to serve the Lakota on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. For a decade she studied and became part of the Lakota traditions. In 2002, she was adopted into the Sioux tribe and cherishes this unique honor.

Several years ago, Mally was invited to become involved with the Kogi of South America. She traveled and spent time in the deep jungles of Colombia being taught the Ancient Wisdom and ceremonies to honor the Mother Earth bringing balance and harmony to one’s life. www.world-healing.com is the site of her organization which continues to support and be a bridge for their knowledge to the world.

Jessica Jones

As the beloved and founding Curator and Master Blogger at FreeRecovery.com, Jessica Jones has spent most of her young career working tirelessly helping people achieve their true human potential and live a more passionate and fulfilling life. Jessica has studied and reported on what makes people break free of severe conflict of any kind and achieve personal Re-Creation and Transformation. She knows what motivates them, what drives them, and what inspires them. She brings this critical and thoughtful insight to countless audiences in the U.S. and internationally—sharing her ideas strategies in the media, with companies, universities and professional associations.

Jessica is one of the driving forces behind the development and delivery of 100s of articles, guides, worksheets and blogs published for the FreeRecovery.com community.

Jessica is always on the lookout for stories and content that can help our members and followers achieve the amazing breakthrough gift of Re-Creation. Jessica’s passions include spending time outside on her farm and writing. Jessica lives on 7 acres of land with her finance, two horses, dogs, cats, chicken and ducks. Jessica, a life-long learner, will attend Capella University perusing a degree in Psychology and is the publish author of 100’s of article and blogs in the area or human potential and Re-Creation. Jessica intends to launch her first book in the fall.

Sampson Li

Mr Samson Li has strong 30 years background in entrepreneurship. His most recent project led to building a billion dollar brand that spans across all continents. His wisdom, knowledge, and vision has lead thousands to strive to live their full potential. His priceless coaching inspired entrepreneurs to find their purpose, passion, and meaning in their business and life. His concept of the Success Reality is a revolutionary strategy of mindfulness and awakening to shift the energetic state of scarcity to abundance, fear to love, force vs power.
How to recharge and be empowered? Learn from Samson’s proven experience and heart.