4 Steps To Insure a Bail-Proof New Years Resolution

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If you are anything like me, as December is coming to an end – and January is creeping around the corner – I always tell myself the new year will be the best one yet! But how do you make sure that’s the case? A recent study shows that 80% of New Year’s Resolutions are over by mid-February. That is a lot of people bailing on their hopes and dreams. So how can you be sure 2018 will be packed with opportunities, fresh starts, and positive energy?! This year, it’s time to figure out what you want to do, why you want to do it, and how you are going to get it done. Follow these four steps to insure your bail-proof 2018.

Step One: Open Your Eyes – To Yourself And The World Around You

Take a brief moment to look around yourself. I want you to look at you and the parts of your life in which you normally neglect. This step is about breaking down the genres of your life, and figuring out where attention is needed by asking thought provoking questions. Let’s take a look at all your life’s facets.

  • Career – Have you given your job 100%, 100% of the time? What is your focus like at work? Are you following your professional pursuit of happiness?
  • Friends – What does your inner-circle look like? Have you taken time to work on meaningful relationships outside your inner-circle? How much time do you set aside for friends?
  • Family – Are you happy with your work-life balance? Do you find yourself trying to balance making time for work and family?
  • Spirituality – Have you focused on your values and beliefs that give you meaning? Do you feel connected with your religion? How can you become closer with your higher power?
  • Health – Would you consider your body taken care of? Are you at your healthiest, mentally and physically?
  • Fun – How often do you do things that bring you joy and laughter? What activities do you make time for that fulfill you? How many new experiences have you branched out on recently?

Going directly to your list of 2018 goals is not going to help you accomplish them. Most of the time the goals we make up in our heads, are not things we truly want or need. This leads to failed goals, and broken dreams of a new tomorrow. Setting the time aside to analyze each area of your life, and really making yourself think is what is going to set the foundation for solid resolutions. For example, Harvard has a study that shows people lived longer, happier lives when they kept close relationships. In this case, utilize those relationships, and build them up by reaching out to loved ones. Ask them for insight! These people know you best, and can give you valuable information that will help you set reasonable, and truly beneficial goals for 2018.

Step Two: Using The Past To Positively Influence Your Future

“You can’t repeat the past? Why of course you can.” – Jay Gatsby

Normally when your thinking resolutions, your thinking of changing what you’ve done in the past. Well of course we want to change, but this time let’s use our past experiences to frame a master plan to success. Let’s take a trip back in time by asking yourself the following questions.

  • How did you handle challenging experiences in the past? Did you ever come cross a challenge that also energized you?
  • In what ways did you find yourself recovering from a personal or financial set-back?
  • Was there ever a time you felt as though you were at your lowest point?
  • If you reached any personal or financial goals in 2017, what helped you get there?

Answer these questions with great detail. There is only one way to successfully achieve your resolution, and that is to thoroughly understand it, and you. The more information you have on what you want, and how you’ve failed or succeeded in the past, the more likely you are to abundantly execute. Adapting personal knowledge to any situation gives it more value. Even if you want to do some of your own research, like reading other individual’s stories. There is a plethora of information online at your disposal – learn to use it!


Step Three: Stay Out Of My Own Way

Our minds are so powerful, and can make or break us. Humans accomplish unbelievable things when they believe, and now it is your turn to be convinced. It’s time to take chances, and to believe. This is the simplest step, yet the most complex. Now that you have broken down your goals, you must contemplate the roadblocks that could be ahead. Ask yourself what could sabotage these goals. Is it self-sabotage? What could possibly get in the way along the road? What will happen if you don’t get results quickly enough? For some people, immediate gratification is their cryptonite. Really take the time to close your eyes, and visually imagine the goal playing out in your head. See those bumps, roadblocks, and detours. Pay attention to the way it makes you feel, and how you should react. This step is about taking chances, because without risk there is no reward, but it is also about planning for the worst but hoping for the best. Insuring that whatever life throws your way as your progressing towards your goals, you are ready – because you are prepared.

Step Four: What’s My Why?

This is not our first rodeo people. Everyone reading this is perfectly seasoned to the idea of the “new year, new me” type of stuff we all go through around this time of year. At this point you should have dissected your goals, figured out what will happen when chasing them, but have you thought about why you want them? Why you want the outcome in your life? Assure yourself that the specific goals you are committing to, are the ones that need the most of your time and attention. Get down to the root of why making this change matters to you, rather than just making the change itself. Understanding your why will help sustain motivation, and insure completion. Accomplishing your 2018 goals is possible, just be sure to take it one week at a time, and strictly follow the four magical steps I just provided you. Now get to work! You’ve got dreams to follow.